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Safety First!

*DISCLAIMER* HUMAN + MOTHER wraps are not safety devices on their own; they are designed to assist parents in carrying their babies. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child while he or she is in the wrap. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any negligence on your part. Please see our Legal Disclaimer for further information. 

 See an easy acronym to use every time babe is in your wrap!

Click here to see T.I.C.K.S for Safety.

 Our wraps are meant for newborns up to 25 pounds. We've made a simple, instructional video that you can access in our tutorial section.

Some things to keep in mind when using your wrap

+ the wrap should feel quite snug prior to putting baby in; if babe is sagging or sliding down your torso, please take baby out and tie your wrap tighter.

+ the best time to introduce babe to your wrap is when they are fed, content and well-rested; introducing baby sooner rather than later bodes well for successful carrying.

+ using a mirror will help you position babe correctly until you become more comfortable with your wrap.

+ bouncing gently, rubbing babe's back or walking will help familiarize baby with your wrap as well as create a womb-like environment.

+ tuck babe's head in either shoulder strap to provide extra head support for newborns.

+ always ensure babe's airways are clear and that their chin is not resting on their chest.

+ be sure that you and babe are dressed appropriately; we don't want either of you overheating! Wearing cool, breathable clothing is ideal.

+ if babe is not pleased in your wrap, try again at a later time! Using your wrap consistently and making it a positive experience will encourage successful babywearing.


Safety and babywearing guidelines will be shipped with your wrap purchase.

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